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Publié : 10 avril 2012


A few weeks ago , to be more precise from March 5th to March 10th, some of us , to be more exact 134 Frenchies (kids and adults ) decided all of a sudden to invade Britain ,more precisely London and cambridge on our traditonnal " trip to England ".


We left Romain Rolland school at 3 am. The first part of the trip was by coach. We were tired but excited.
We arrived at Ouistreham at 6.30 and we boarded the ferry Le Mont Saint-Michel from Brittanny Ferries.
First, we visited the ferry which was really big ! There were a lot of school groups.
The sea was a bit rough and some of us were seasick. ( we won’t say who ! )
There were a lot of shops so some of us changed our money and we did some shopping !
We had a silent disco with earphones so we danced a lot and after we had our picnic.
We arrived at Portsmouth at 1.15pm.


On our way, we stopped at Windsor and we saw Windsor castle
and a statue of Queen Victoria. It was very windy and cold !

The following day, on Tuesday, we went to London and we saw a lot of famous momuments : the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar square, we walked past 10th Downing street, the Prime minister residence and Buckingham Palace of course where we saw the Changing of the Guards.
We even saw a carriage and we thought the Queen was maybe inside !!
In the afternoon, we visited the Natural History Museum where we saw and learnt a lot about dinosaurs’skeletons, natural catastrophes, minerals, gold nuggets, monkeys etc...

Wednesday was our rainy day ! Bad luck !
We visited Kings College Chapel in Cambridge and we went punting on the Cam and that was fun ! It was raining cats and dogs and we had big black umbrellas and blankets but we were wet and cold and still we were singing along and joking with the gondolier and trying to teach him french.

On Thursday, we were on the road to Stratford-upon-avon to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and his wife Ann Hathaway’s cottage and we had our picnic in her beautiful garden. We learnt much about their lives.
Later that day, we went to Warwick castle ; it is a splendid castle and we climbed some its high towers ; it was tiring but fun.
We also saw a show with birds of prey ; it was cool and we took lots of pictures of peacocks spreading out their tails ; it was great fun !

On Friday, our last day, we went to Madame Tussaud’s where we really had a great time taking pictures with famous stars.
And we screamed in the Horror Chamber.
Finally, we went to Covent Garden to enjoy a last shopping session and guess who we saw leaving his hotel in London ...... Johnny Depp himself ! Yes !


Our host families were nice and really considerate.
They spoke slowly to help us understand.
They have the sense of humour ( more than the French ).


There are a lot of things different from France.
English people drive on the left and they have nice cars.
There were a lot of taxis and buses in London.
Most houses are small, semi-detached and built with red bricks.
Inside, there are tv sets in many rooms.
In the bathroom, you put the light on by pulling a cord.

They eat early , at about 6.30pm.
And their food is different, for example chips with vinegar,onions.
They eat a lot of junk food and drink a lot of soda or fruit juice.
On Thursday, we had fish and chips and many of our friends had pizza and chips.
We didn’t have much vegetables but we didn’t miss them , we have enough at Romain Rolland canteen.

We really enjoyed that week in England. We visited a lot of places and museums and we saw interesting things.
That trip was great but too short for us ; we wanted to stay more than one week.